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Why are the BL shelfmark numbers wrong? RSS

Posted by mhgreen2 on Jul 08, 2013 07:40PM

I've found a whole series of BL MSS where the shelfmark indicated in MESA doesn't conform to the actual shelfmark at the BL.  This entry, for example, is labelled "Sloane 1229" yet it takes you (correctly, if you are in fact looking for the fetal images) to Sloane 2463.
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Replies to this topic (2)

Posted by TimStinson on Jul 10, 2013 09:48PM

Looks like you've found a bug - thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll have it fixed soon!

Posted by Dot Porter on Jul 16, 2013 03:27PM

The bug has been fixed, and an additional 1000 or so records have been added to the BL corpus as well. Thanks again for bringing the bug to our attention!