What is MESA?

About MESA

The Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA) is a federated international community of scholars, projects, institutions, and organizations engaged in digital scholarship within the field of medieval studies. MESA seeks

  • to provide a community for those engaged in digital medieval studies and

  • to meet emerging needs of this community, including making recommendations on technological and scholarly standards for electronic scholarship, the aggregation of data, and the ability to discover and repurpose this data.

MESA has adopted tools and infrastructure utilized by our sister organizations, NINES and 18thConnect. Specifically, MESA operates on the Collex platform, which has been developed and updated by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. As a result, when searching MESA, researchers may benefit from an extensive index of resources, including material from NINES and 18thConnect.

Using the Collex interface, MESA aggregates the best scholarly resources in medieval studies and make them fully searchable and interoperable. This interface also provides a collection and authoring space in which researchers can create and publish their own work.

How to use MESA

Scholars and researchers at any level of academics are welcome to create their own free account to participate in the MESA community.

To get started exploring our index of digital projects, try the following:

  1. use the tabs above to search digital collections and scholarly projects
  2. browse the MESA tag cloud
  3. participate in Discussions about each project or collection featured in MESA
  4. read essays, or Exhibits, written by members of the MESA community

We additionally have a series of How-To videos that can walk you through some of the basics of MESA such as making a MyMESA Account, searching, saving searches, collecting, tagging, and making exhibits.