WHAT ARE TAGS? A tag is simply a word you use to descibe an object you find in MESA. Tags make it easy to organize and browse large collections. To join two words together use a hyphen (oil-painting) or an underscore (oil_painting).
2_maccabees 2_peter abimelech abraham achilles achis adam_and_eve aegean_sea aesop_fables africa agamemnon alexander_the_great alexandria alphabet altar apostle_paul apricot arabian_peninsula archbishop_of_canterbury architecture aristotle art_history axe babylon balkans baltic banana bathsheba battle battle_of_cannae battle_of_nola battle_of_thrace belgium bible birth black_sea boniface book book_of_hours breviary britain british_isles caesar calendar canterbury_tales caspian_sea castle catalogue catchword central_asia chain chapter_numbers charlemagne chaucer china christ church coats_of_arms commentary coronation corsica couple court cover crest crete cross cue_initial damage darius david david_and_goliath death december decorated_catchword dining diptych dog doodle dowry drachen-zoomorphic_initial-q dragon dream east_africa east_asia egypt eicha elephant encoped england english_monarchs equinox erasure esther execution exodus ezekiel fall_of_lucifer family_life finances follicle france french gender_studies genealogy genesis germany girdle_book gloss glossed_bible glossing god gog_and_magog gold_decoration goliath greece green_initial green_ink hanukkah hebrew_bible hell hercules historiated_initial history hole hosea hunting hunting_accident iberian_peninsula idol illuminated illustration incomplete india initial initials initial_v-with_human_head ink_pot insertion invasion invention in_text_picture ireland isaac italy january jerusalem john_kermall judges khan king king_darius king_david king_edward_1547 king_edward_vi king_solomon king_wedding knight labour lamentations latin law ledger letter letters leviticus libya literature liturgical_calendar loldogs london lucifer luke lust manicula manuscript map marginal_correction marginal_notation marriage matthew_parker medici megillah michal miniature monster moses moses'_law murder music nero new_testament nile north_africa nypl old_english old_testament olgerd_of_lithuania orchard orosius page_marker painting pen-flourished_initials pentecost pen_knife philip_augustus philosophers phoenix place-marker plaoul plato poems poet poetry poland polo_brothers polynices prayer prayers presentation pricking prince psalm psalm_107 psalm_25 psalm_52 psalter queen queen_catherine_parr queen_elizabeth_1 queen_katherine_parr queen_mary queen_of_sheba queen_sheba quire_signature red_sea rehoboam religion revelation royal_charter royal_family royal_lineage rubrication ruling sacrifice saint_augustine samson saracen sardinia scandinavia schoenberg scotland scribe scribe_with_penknife sea_monster seneca sermons serra seven_vices sicily siege_of_carthage signe_de_renvoi skin-hole socrates solstice songofsongs stitching st_sebastian st_thomas_aquinas st__thomas_aquinas telemachus thebes theseus thomas_becket tomb tower_of_babel translation treatise trinity troy tsar_mamai tydeus ulysses unfinished_letter vellum vellum_cover venus visual walters_w_168 winter wives women worship
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