New MESA projects for peer review!

We are preparing two new projects for MESA, the first to go with Tier 1 peer review (up until now, new projects have just been added with no review). Per our process document, Tier 1 “consists of affirming that a digital project or resource meets sufficient scholarly and technological standards for inclusion in MESA followed by open review by the user community.” You are our user community! So, please take a minute to look at these projects and reply to this post with any concerns / praise. We also encourage you to join the MESA listserv, through that list you’ll receive a message every time new projects are ready for review. (To subscribe, send an email to with the following text in the body of the message: subscribe mesa).

Both of these incoming projects are collections of Middle English. TEAMS Middle English Texts are already indexed in MESA, and adding these will give us a particular strength in Middle English, which is quite exciting. Please share this message with any individuals or groups you think will be interested in this news.

The projects:

Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse. This is a longstanding project at the University of Michigan, to present full-text of published editions of Middle English texts. There are a handful of these that we won’t be indexing because of copyright concerns, but we’ve planning to take most of them. MESA will have records for each book, with the full-text indexed for searching.


Digital Index of Middle English Verse. Digital revision of the Index of Middle English Verse (1943) and its Supplement (1965). Records provide first and last lines, scansion, and a list of manuscripts in which each verse is found. MESA will have records for each verse, and for each manuscript, and these records will be linked.